Tiger II, La Gleize

Battle of Bastogne (Bulge)/Second World War/Tiger II tank

  • Rue de l’Eglise 7, 4987 La Gleize

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This Tiger II tank (213) was one of the many tanks brought into the battle, which have later been abandoned.

The tank belonged to Obersturmführer Dollinger, who was in the 1e SS Panzer Regiment commanded by infamous Joachim Peiper. The latter was convicted for murdering American soldiers in Malmedy. He was later found dead under suspicious conditions in Traves, France.
The tank was unit to defend La Gleize, but it is generally believed that the tanks were not unilized in the best tactical way. The tank was deployed at the Werimont farm high ground. When firing at American tanks, no hit was scored, while the American luckily shot of the top third of the main gun.

The tank was taken by the Americans but bought for one bottle of Cognac by Madame Jenny Geenen-Dewez in July 1945.

The Tiger was moved to the main square of La Gleize and later restored by using a gun from one of Skorzeny’s disguised tanks left near Malmedy.


December 44 Historical Museum La Gleize