National Museum of Military History (MNHM), Diekirch

Don‘t judge a boook by it’s cover…

Early 2019 I spent the weekend in Luxemburg and as you may expect I immediately took the opportunity to look if there were any interesting museums around. There are some castles, a very nice one in Vianden and I found about this museum which is mostly dedicated to the battle in Bastogne. Other military areas are covered as well but the majority of the collection is about the Battle of the Bulge.

The museum in Bastogne is reasonably well known and since the museum is in a small town I have to admit I was not expecting much of it. When arriving at the entrance of the museum, I noticed it was neither very big, nor very impressive. Still I decided to go since, since getting there was quite a drive. The man selling tickets was very friendly. When talking to him he claimed the museum was as good as any, if not better.  He seemed very confident but was he right?

What can be found?

Contradictory to its entrance the museum has many halls filled with guns, vehicles and diorama’s. Despite it’s modest entrance the musuem is 3.000 square metres. Many sections are about the Ardennes offensive (1944), but other topics are covered as well, so you can find uniforms and objects about World War 1, the Korean war and the Luxemburg army as well.
There is no wall not covered with a vitrine or items and that’s why I enjoyed the atmosphere of the museum. It’s not a themepark like many other museums nowadays, nor a very modern museum, but a good ‘old fashioned’ one, like the ones I love and I guess the ones you love!

You’ll be amazed when you suddenly arrive at a big hall with a huge variety of American and German verhicles and weapons. You’ll find a half track, radio wagons and MG 42 machine gun, Jeeps, artillery. It’s a big hall and I was quite amazed and impressed by it!

Many diorama’s can be found and one is about the crossing of he Sauer by the 5th Infantry regiment. You’ll find plenty of other ones, like a sniper on a telegraph pole which was beautifully constructed (and a bit gloomy). Another one is about a some American GI’s resting at a farm, talking to one of the local girls bringing food.


The subtitle of this report already gave away the conclusion. Visiting this museum is like watching fireworks. Everytime you walk into another section you will be amazed.

If you want to visit a museum about the battle in Bastogne or just a military museum, this one should be on your list!