Fortress Malta, James Holland (2009)

Maybe Malta was just a piece of history which was not that well known to you, like in my case. Then I visited Malta to found out Malta’s military history is an incredible story of survival against multiple bomb attacks per day. I found out Malta was one of the places most heavily bombard during the entire war.

Being intrigued by its history I was looking for a book for background reading.

Soon I found this book written by James Holland.

The book is a good balance of battlefield history and of personal stories both by the miltary who fought there and of civilians trying to cope with the hardships on the island.

It was hard to put the book down, though once in a while I was just thinking ‘Please not not another attack’. It’s hard to conprehend what living in Malta must have been like.

Fortress Malta is avaialble as a hardcover, a paperback, an e-book and as an audio cd.