A bridge too far, Cornelius Ryan

This book is considered to be one of the most elaborate about the battle. The book is already on the market for a while. It was first published in 1974.

The book covers the entire battle and does so from many angles, the Allied, the German, but also the perspective from the Dutch civilians caught in the batt. In that respect it is a very interesting book. It’s a complete sum up about what happened. The author does an impressive job.

When I first read the book (some years ago) I liked it. Nowadays there are so many other books, some of them I consider to be a better account from a soldier perspective that I do prefer more recent books, such as Arnhem 1944 written by Martin Middlebrook. A review is published earlier. This book is about the Arnhem part mainly.

If you consider visiting Arnhem and if you want to understand the entire battle this is definetely a good book. Ryan has been able to write a number of good books like the Longest Day (Dday) and the battle for Berlin (The last battle). This book is one of the well written books by Ryan.