Book reviews

I love reading books especially about military history. I believe lots can be learned from the past, so I just keep reading and buying new titles. My Kindle paperwhite saves my home from a book tsunami. The flow of new titles seems to have grown immensly over the past years. However, all books are equal, but some books are more equal than others.

British Expeditionary Force – Advance to Victory, Andrew Rawson

The blue & gray almanac: the civil war in facts & figures, Albert Nofi (Book review)

Major & Mrs. Holt’s Concise Illustrated Battlefield Guide-The Western Front-North

RAF and the SOE, John Greham

Agincourt 1415, Field of Blood, Barry Renfrew

Ardennes 1944, Antony Beevor

A bridge too far, Cornelius Ryan

Spitfire: Portrait of a Legend, Leo McKinstry

Fortress Malta, An island under siege, James Holland