Arnhem war Museum (Schaarsbergen): Amazing items in the collection

Life is full surprises, war is full surprises and sometimes you’re just lucky.

At this time we’ve still a lot of research to do so it may still take a while before all battles will be online. When looking for relevant museums we already came across this museum. Today I was driving from court in Arnhem back to the office and I had to make a small detour bringing me to this museum.

So I decided to have a short talk with the founder and I met Eef Peeters, president of the foundation owning the museum. He briefly explained about the collection and the museum and that was quite a … surprise. Apart from a huge amount of weapons, uniforms and vehicles the museum owns a couch one used by Adolf Hitler. Also the museum owns the dinner knife set of the Dutch national socialist Anton Mussert. Dutch prince Bernhard owned an aircraft (Beechcraft) during the war and you already can guess by now. It’s part of the museum’s collection!

A quick walk through the museum was very interesting. It’s a gem. The atmosphere is unique. Also it’s not spoiled by any theme park aspirations, it’s how a military museum should be, really breathing times past.

Since it was just a short visit only, I want to revisit the museum before writing a full review. If you are interested in military and/or the Battle of Arnhem, than you should visit this museum. There is no need to wait for any review. You won’t be disappointed….