Ardennes 1944, Antony Beevor

In December 1944 the Germans launched a massive offensive against the American troops in the Ardennes in order to force a breakthrough to Antwerp. The Americans were caught by surprise and the American units were relatively unexperienced. The Bastogne sector was covered by the 101st Airborne, as depicted in the famous HBO series ‘Band of Brothers’.

Eventually the siege was broken by general Patton and the battle is considered to be the last major battle on the Western front.

This book is an extensive description of the battle, including many details. “One man, found a friend dead in the frozen street face down with a cat sitting on his back, profiting from the last of the body’s heat.”

Over the cause of time, many books have been written about the ‘Battle of the Bulge’. Only few of them offer such a fine combination of facts and personal experiences. For this reason this book is part of a fine series of books written by Beevor.

You will enjoy reading this book, even if you have read many books about the battle before.

The Verdict

Content: 5 stars
Layout: 4 stars
Interest: 5 stars
Overall: 4,5 stars