My passion for history

Maybe you loved history at school as much as I did, maybe you were told by your parents what living in a war was like or maybe you have been fighting in a war as a serviceman. In any case, you may find visiting battlefields as interesting as I do.

Despite reading many tragic stories reading about wars and battles my interest in this subject always remained. When travelling, I always look for historic places and if possible battlefields.

Over the years I have been to a larger number of battlefields like Verdun, Normandy, Arnhem, Malta, Ypres and Bastogne.

I found a visit to a museum was always a good start for getting the big picture of the battle. Afterwards I wanted to visit other places and sites, offering a more detailed view of the battle. Sometimes I stumbled across some trenches, like in the Elzas (France) or near Foy (Belgium). On other trips, detailed sites were sometimes hard to find. Nowadays finding the right book is relatively easy, but since there are so many, which book to choose? I thought it would be a good idea to put some pieces of the puzzle together. Also this website pushes me to further study warfare in general.

Over the course of time I will bring you ‘packaged’ information about a battle, detailed battlefield trip kits, books for reference, and other information. Also I will give you information about battles, how to get there, which museums to visit and resources like books and load of others stuff.

I am not historian, but I do our best to verify data and cross reference information. Despite of all efforts, I might not be right all the time. I am not liable for any incorrect information on this website. I would appreciate your insights and corrections, just contact me.

In the end the website should contain information about the most important battles in history (at least according to my humble opinion).

I have been studying history since I was a kid, and in secondary school I always studied history. After finishing secondary school in the international department of Alberdingk Thijm College in Hilversum I had to serve in the Dutch army (85-4). I became a truck driver in a repair unit (11e Herstel Compagnie in Schaarsbergen). Not the most exciting job but I did not mind serving in the army, on the contrary. On the photo, you can find me behind the driving wheel of the Landrover (abbreviated to Laro), together with one of the mates (Tom Smits).

Afterwards I went to law school. There I was taught about Roman law and old Dutch law. You know they punished dogs by hanging them ‘as an example for other dogs?’  They really did! Don’t worry people the Dutch don’t do that anymore. Neither do we walk on clogs and no we do not skate to work either. 🙂

Whatever your interest in history is, I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to send me a message with comments, ideas and other stuff you want to share (with other readers).

If you feel your trip is a story to be shared with other battlefield visitors, or if you took a great photo, please contact me. is the perfect place to share it. Send me your the story, with photo’s as possible (5 at maximum).

If you are a war veteran and you want to share your personal story with the world, I would be happy to hear from you. Please make sure the information you share is declassified! I don’t want you to get into all kinds of legal problems and neither do I.

Also, you might be planning a Sunday stroll to a site, like a deserted airfield, or visit a cemetary, or a museum. If you wanna share your walk/visit, I will try to accomodate you. Please drop me a line on the contact page with: Your name, the museum or site your will visit, place and country, and the local time. I’ll share it with others in our calendar.

Finally, my website enables you to buy books, dvd’s and other stuff to plan and enjoy your tour. A part of the proceeds will be donated to charity or to a museum. Finally, I hope you enjoy my website. If you do I, please like my page on Facebook.


Frank Olberts, The Netherlands