South East Northumberland at War 1939–45, Craig Armstrong

Aero-Neurosis, Mark C Wilkins

Red Trojan Horse, Evan McGilvray

The book is about how Colonel Zygmunt Berling, a disgruntled Colonel of the Polish inter-war army – once captured by the Red Army and imprisoned – betrayed his country whilst in captivity between 1939-1941, and after 1941 vied, in his mind with General Anders, for power in establishing a Polish Army out of the hundreds of thousands of Poles captive

How Churchill Waged War, Allen George Packwood

When Winston Churchill accepted the position of Prime Minister in May 1940, he insisted in also becoming Minister of Defence. He was not going to play the chairman’s role, adjudicating between the competing claims of the ministers below him.

The Second World War Illustrated, Jack Holroyd

The first volume covers contributory factors leading up to the outbreak of hostilities. Hitler’s amazing success in correcting the real and perceived insults to the German nation resulting from the Great War and the Treaty of Versailles is acknowledged.

Armies of the Hellenistic States 323 BC to AD 30, Gabriele Esposito

This book provides a complete and detailed analysis of the organization and equipment employed by the armies of the Hellenistic States.

Memoirs of a Stuka Pilot, Helmut Mahlke

Fort Vaux, Christina Holstein

The bitter fight for Fort Vaux is one of the most famous episodes in the Battle of Verdun – it has achieved almost legendary status in French military history.