Five Days From Defeat -How Britain Nearly Lost the First World War- by Walter Reid (book release)

The 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich by Yves Buffetaut (book release)

The 101st Airborne in Normandy by Yves Buffetaut (book release)

Peter the Great Humbled -The Russo-Ottoman War of 1711- by Nicholas Dorrell (book release)

Olmütz to Torgau by Neil Cogswell (book release)

Normandy 1944: The Battle of the Hedgerows: Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives, Simon Forty

Just as the Anglo-Canadian forces in the east found it difficult to advance beyond Caen after D-Day, so the US First Army labored to advance through the Norman bocage country in the west. The lethal struggle that developed there was a defining episode in the Normandy campaign, and this photographic history is a vivid introduction […]

Roman Conquests: Macedonia and Greece: Philip Matyszak

This will be the third in the Roman Conquests series (following Italy and Spain) and one of those with the most obvious appeal. While Rome was struggling for her very survival against the Carthaginians in the Second Punic War, Philip V of Macedon attempted to take advantage of their apparent vulnerability by allying with Hannibal […]

Atlantik wall museum, Noordwijk

Atlantik wall museum Noordwijk, a gem in the dunes.

We Few -American special forces in Vietnam- by Nick Brokhausen (book release)