The Western Front Companion, Mark Adkin

This year the First World War is over 100 years ago. Even after a century, the Great War may still be one of the most studied conflicts in history. Many books have been written about the subject and in this respect you might wonder how The Western Front Companion is going to add to the huge amount of books already on the market.

Many books are written chronologically. And this is the main reason The Western Front Companion  differs from other books since it is written in a thematical way. For this reason the books deserves a lot of credits. If there is a topic you would like to know more about, you just start reading it. The amount of topics just seems endless.

You may find topics like battles, weapons used. It’s a collossal piece of work really and from all the books I have read about military history I would consider this book a masterpiece. Maybe no book is ever complete, but this book may be very close.

Sometimes an overwelming amount of facts makes a book dull. Also in this respect the book deserves a lot of credit, since each topic is spiced up with many accounts from eye witnesses/stories, which makes it even more interesting to read.

Also there are many pictures clarifying the relevant topic. For this reason the book makes it a very good book to get an understanding of the ‘Great War’.

Is there any point of criticism? Not really. If you would be intersted in really every nitty gritty detail of a certain battle or gun, you may find this book too ‘general’. But for most readers this book is just perfect. It’s the scope of topics which makes this book special. As a reference book this book is just brilliant.

If you want to understand warfare on the Western front during the First World War, this is the book to buy.

Since I found this book one of the best books about WW I, I ever read I made it the ‘top pick of the month’. Do you agree?

The Verdict

Content: 5 stars
Layout: 5 stars
Interest: 5 stars
Overall: 5 stars