World War 2

Second World war


From Moscow to Stalingrad The Eastern Front, 1941-1942, Yves Buffetaut

Escaping Has Ceased to be a Sport: A Soldier’s Memoir of Captivity and Escape in Italy and Germany, Frank Unwin

With SOE in Greece: The Wartime Experiences of Captain Pat Evans, Tom Evans

Pat Evans parachuted into German-occupied Northern Greece in September 1943. His mission as a SOE operative was to support the Greek resistance movement, carry out sabotage and commando operations and gather military intelligence. By this time Greece was not only a country ravaged by a brutal occupation but being torn apart by fending political factions […]

Lost Honour, Betrayed Loyalty: The Memoir of a Waffen-SS Soldier, Herbert Maeger

Voices of the Codebreakers: Personal accounts of the secret heroes of World War II, Michael Paterson

Manchester at War 1939–45, Glynis Cooper