Arnhem 1944, Martin Middlebrook (2011)

Many books have been written about the Battle of Arnhem already and we’ve read a large number of them, but no book is describes the street fighting as vivid as this book does.

It’s the personal accounts of the soldiers and the civilians, which makes this book stand out from the other books.

The book focusses on the fighting of the red barets in Arnhem only and therefore you can find many details of the fighting itself. The book includes several maps, making it an interesting read in case you may want to visit Arnhem and Oosterbeek.

Also the book points out why the para’s at Arnhem may have been fighting a losing battle from the start on, which makes their sacrafices even more admirable.

You wonder was it the jumping too far from the objected bridge or was it the presence of SS (panzer) units? As often it may have been the chain of circumstances and events which determined the outcome. Martin Middlebrook describes all of these in detail.

Finally, the book points out what happened to key persons (like general Browning and the Polish general Sosabowski) after the battle.

If you are interested in the battle of Arnhem, this is the book you should defintely read.

Arnhem 1944 is available as a hardcover, a paperback, and as an e-book.