Historic Battlefield Tours Eastern Competition for new Airfix friends

Hi everybody!

Probably you like Airfix as much as I do. I remember building my first Airfix kit about 45 years ago. I still love building now, as much as I did back then. Unfortunately the quality of my building has not improved much …

Because of my interest in militarey history, I started a blog in August 2017.

It is about battles, military books, trips to battlefields. When finished you may find directions for planning your battlefield tours, such as a short history, museums to visit, maps, etcetera.

You can already find a number of book reviews on my blog.

I would appreciate your feedback on my posts. Any comments on my reviews are much appreciated. In this way the blog will give a variety of opnions about museums and books.

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To make it a little bit of fun, you can win the book ‘The Other side of Airfix’. This book was kindly donated by it’s publisher.

For the people not so fortunate to win, there is no need to be disappointed. Each person who likes my Facebook page gets a 10% discount code from the publisher on your first order.

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Kind regards,

Frank Olberts